Flags and tags

The Wholly Genes newsletter has a section in it called Did You Know?

Here are some tips from the latest newsletter that I didn’t know:

DID YOU KNOW that you can remove flags that you don’t use from the Flag window? Choose “Flag Manager” from the File menu (or right-click on the Flags window and choose “Customize flags…”). Then highlight a flag that you don’t use and then click Disable on the right. Disabled flags (i.e., those whichout check marks on the list) will not appear in the Flags window.

DID YOU KNOW that you can change the order of flags in the Flags window? Access the Flag Manager as above, then highlight the name of a flag and click “Move Up” or “Move Down” on the right.

DID YOU KNOW that you can remove or change the order of the lines in the “Other Info” box (to the right of the primary name on the Details Window)? If you don’t use the Reference field or you want the Last Edited date to appear on top, for instance, right click on that part of the screen and click “Customize ‘Other info’ box.” Then highlight one of the data types in the list and click on the buttons on the right to disable or move them.