The Dropbox Train Test

I failed the big test yesterday. A new marriage certificate arrived in the mail as I was leaving the house, so I did the data entry on the train on my mini, expecting the source, citation and changes to the marriage tag to appear on my main laptop when I got home.

It didn’t work, and now I’ve lost the change altogether.

Possible reasons:

  1. TMG was still open on my laptop when I got home, and so Dropbox was unable to update some of the files.

Actually that’s the only good reason I can think of. I prefer to think that it SHOULD work. I had hoped that if I closed down TMG on the laptop that the download would occur afterwards and when I opened it again the change would be there. I was wrong. I guess Dropbox didn’t keep trying, and the files on the laptop were copied back to the mini notebook.

I’m disappointed, as data entry on a train trip is a good use of that time.

I’ll try it once more tomorrow. This time I’ll make sure the laptop is closed, or TMG shutdown, while I’m away.