3rd Annual TMG Weekend Conference

The 3rd Annual TMG Weekend Conference was held at the Penrith Valley Inn last weekend 9-11th April 2010. Here is a photo of most of the happy participants, taken after lunch on the Sunday.

Photo courtesy Jenny Joyce

A good time was had by all, and we all learned a lot. Presentations were given by the participants, and covered such subjects as:

  • Roles
  • Reference numbers
  • Filters
  • Privacy
  • Sources and Repositories
  • Book Manager
  • Chart Finishing
  • List of Events
  • Custom Toolbars

There was something for everyone, from beginners to the very advanced. We were all impressed by the complexity and thoroughness of Adam’s roles, and a bit concerned that he has too much time on his hands to think these up. Brian and Linda gave us very different ways of creating meaningful reference numbers. Graham showed us how to set filters to extract data, a topic that I had really not fully got the hang of. I showed various ways of hiding data from reports and other output, and then discussed how to hide people such as illegitimate children and the actual fathers of children. Barb came all the way from Canberra to give us an overview of sources and repositories, and to show us how she touches up charts to make them fit.

Kerry showed us how to use book manager to run a series of reports automatically, as well as how to produce an actual book. Bruce showed us various ways to use the List of Events, and Linda had us all playing with our toolbars. I will always remember learning how to put a button on my toolbar to bring up the Windows characters and putting a £ sign on it so I would know what it was for.

Dinner on the Friday night was at a restaurant and I’m sorry I missed it. Dinner on Saturday night was on the banks of the Nepean River at the Log Cabin on a lovely warm evening with the bats flying overhead.

If you are interested in TMG and want to get more out of it I highly recommend attending next year’s conference.

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About Carole Riley

I am a family history researcher in Sydney, Australia and specialise in New South Wales land records. I have served as a Vice-President of the Society of Australian Genealogists and Editor of their journal, and founded the TMG User Group in Sydney.

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