Please send me your data

Today the TMG Sydney User Group had a workshop on ‘What to do when someone asks you to send them information’. I am calling it a workshop because it was more of a discussion than the usual presentation with one person doing all the talking at the front.

Rather than use a whiteboard to record all the ideas that the group came up with I used PowerPoint,and typed in the responses as we went along. I can now publish the slides so that everyone has a record of what we came up with.

Topics of discussion were:

  • What do you ask when you get a request?
  • How do you decide whether to comply?
  • What do you share?
  • What format do you send?
  • How do you ask them for more information?

Here are the slides:

After this discussion we looked at how to extract data or reports on TMG, and I can’t reproduce that here.


2 thoughts on “Please send me your data

  1. So sorry I couldn’t be there but Salt Lake city was calling.

    Thanks for sharing the slides. I am stuck in a beginner level session here at Rootstech so I can learn from you right here via your slides.

    Must say it was disappointing that TMG don’t have a rep here at Rootstech. Most of the other software vendors, big and small, are here.

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