Bruce’s Filing Cabinet 1 – Addresses and Telephone Numbers

At the 4th Annual TMG Sydney Conference in April 2011 Bruce Fairhall, Convenor of the conference, shared with us his methods for using TMG as his filing cabinet. He gave us a four-page handout which he has kindly allowed me to share on the blog. I will be posting the handout over the next few weeks on the following topics:

  • Addresses and telephone numbers
  • Exhibits
  • Inward correspondence
  • Informants and source
First up – Addresses and Telephone Numbers.


1. In the default set up for TMG, the Tags Address and Residence are similar but use slightly different Sentences. The default Sentence for Address:

<As of [D],> [P] and [PO] lived at [L]

will give errors for a date range, so I substituted

[:CR:] The recorded address <[D]> for [P] <and [PO]> was: [L]

2. I use the Address Tag is used to record an address (e.g. a Post Office Box) where it is not the person’s Residence. This is therefore not used very often, but if you wish it could be a duplicate (generally) of the Residence Tag. (Ref: Lee Hoffman or Terry Reigel somewhere)

This Tag could be used to generate a Report showing Residence locations of certain database members, perhaps sorted by town, or an Excel file as the report output, to use as a mailing list for Reunions or similar purposes.

3. To assist sharing (privacy) I added a Tag Residence-Historic which is implemented once all connected persons are deceased. This can then be shared in Reports. My male sentence is:

[:CR:] He <|and [PO]> lived <at [L2]> <in [L]> <[M]> <[D]>


1. I use the default Tag for Telephone numbers, rather than including the number with the person’s Residence or Address, so it is separately listed.

2. In the Addressee field, I add what is listed in the Directory (if applicable) as this is often initials only.

3. I put the actual phone number in the MEMO field, so it shows on screen and could be easily sorted or included in a “reverse directory” if required.

Note:  This process has been documented for sharing with other TMG users, and is not copyright or secret.  I’d appreciate suggestions as to better clarity etc. if any changes to this procedure might make it easier for others to understand it.  It is MY system, and that doesn’t mean it’s right or the best: the main thing is that it works for me.

Bruce’s website is

Next week – Exhibits


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