When VCF gives up, there’s always Adobe Acrobat Professional

Recently I learned how to edit a chart in Adobe Acrobate Professional when VCF had given up on me. It is a 3-metre chart built from a combination of 9 separate generated charts and at some point VCF decided that some of the boxes and their contents were no longer editable. This meant I couldn’t change the text in the boxes or move the boxes around without wild things happening with the connector lines. I have no idea why, and I didn’t have time to muck around with it or go to the developer for help. There was no way I was going to regenerate and combine all the charts.

So once the PDF had been generated and more changes were needed, including centring the chart (now impossible in VCF as some of the boxes wouldn’t move), I was able to do it in Acrobat. Two boxes that were created with the wrong thickness were recreated in Adobe. Badly behaved connector lines were fixed. Text was changed, boxes moved (and lined up), and the panic I was in to get this ready in time to print 30 copies before Christmas was over.

Have you had a similar experience with VCF?


2014 TMG Weekend Workshop

Our annual weekend workshop will be held on

21-23 March 2014

The Hermitage Motel, 5 Grange Road, Leumeah

The draft programme has been announced:

  • Friday – optional visits to NSW State Archives at Kingswood or the SAG in Sydney or Local Library
  • Friday Evening – dinner and get to know each other
  • Saturday – workshop sessions morning and afternoon
  • Saturday Evening – Dinner and get together
  • Sunday – workshop sessions until afternoon tea time

These weekends are always popular and sell out quickly as places are limited.

Group shot of the first weekend in 2008

Group shot of the first weekend in 2008