Is it worth upgrading to TMG9?

The latest version of The Master Genealogist has been released. The focus has been on making data entry faster and easier, with enhancements such as:

  • You can now add a new source quickly without leaving the Citation screen. You can still click on the [+] button to add a source using the full power of the Source Definition Screen.
  • There is now a button to preview the source output directly from the Citation screen (long overdue!).
  • You can now add shared events (e.g., Census) on the Add Multiple People and Add Family screens, including the role of each participant.
  • You can now add an Age column with a Birth Date column when adding multiple people. If an age and the event date are added for a person, the Birth date will be calculated automatically.
  • When adding multiple people you can copy the value in the top cell of a column to everyone else on that screen.

These enhancements may not mean much if you aren’t adding a lot of new information to your project these days, but if you’re still actively researching they should make life a lot easier.

The other major enhancement is to do with sentences, with the addition of a Subject variable, which should make the construction of sentences for ‘witnesses’ or other roles in events much easier to construct. If you have always thought customising the sentences created by TMG in reports was too difficult, this might be the time to have another look.

I currently have 14 projects going for current clients, as well as my own family project, so the conversion process won’t be quick. I do a lot of data entry and anything that makes this process quicker will be a good thing for me and for my clients. I’m looking forward to getting started.