Transportation tag type

We had a discussion about tag types for convict transportation on the mailing list a couple of months ago. Here’s what we came up with.

Carole Riley created a rather optimistic tag called Transportation, “optimistic because although I think I have a convict or two I can’t yet prove who they were so I haven’t actually used it. I imagined that when I came to use it I would have varying details about the crime and the sentence, and perhaps the trial, so I wanted to keep it simple and flexible. Obviously if I managed to find records of the trial and/or the surgeon-superintendent’s account of the voyage I would need separate tags to make more of a story out of it.”

[P] <was|and [PO] were> transported to < [L]> <arriving on [D]> <[M]>

Kerry Farmer‘s Transportation tag (also optimistic – having Convict2) is:

[RF:Convict] <and [R:Convict2]> arrived <at [L]> <aboard the [M1]> <[D]> <[M2]>

Linda Bishop‘s transportation tag is

[:CR:][:TAB:][R:transported] was [RG:transported2] to Australia, <on [DD],> <from [L],> <on the ship [M],> <[M2],> <[WO]>

James Ewens was transported to Australia, on Sun. 19 Jul 1818, from Portsmouth, Hampshire,, on the ship “General Stuart” to NSW Australia, with Daniel Rapley, Henry Jupp, James Jupp, James Nye senr, James Nye jnr, William Brown. Leaving behind his wife and children, Hannah Nye, John Ewens, Lucy Ewens and Thomas Ewens.

“I made a non-person called transported2 to link all the people that were transported ( I have 11 so far). I also made a tags for members of the family left behind

[:CR:][:TAB:][RS:wifeofcon] <[WM]> [P] was transported to Australia, <on the ship [M],> <on [D],> <from [L]> <[WM2]>

Her husband James Ewens was transported to Australia, on the ship “General Stuart” to NSW Australia, on 19 Jul 1818, from Portsmouth, Hampshire, also transported was her father James Nye and her brother James Nye jnr.

Kay Sturgeon reworked hers to read:

[:CR:][:CR:][P] <|and [PO]> was transported <on [D]> <from [L]> <aboard the ship [M1]> landing <[M2]> <[M3]>.

Thomas Coombs was transported on 18 Jul 1810 from England aboard the ship “Indian” landing Sydney on 16 Dec 1810 mastered by Captain Andrew Barclay. The surgeon was a Mr. Maine.