Free upgrade: Second Site v3.2.2

Notification from John Cardinal, author of Second Site, a program to turn a TMG project into a website:


To: Second Site News subscribers

From: John Cardinal

I am pleased to announce that Second Site Version 3.2.2 is now available.

This version includes a new option to resize embedded image exhibits and a few other adjustments and fixes.

You can read more about the new features in the latest issue of Second Site News:

And as usual, all the changes are summarized in the Change Log:

Current Second Site 3 users can download the installer here:

This is a free upgrade for registered users of Second Site 3.



Non-person People

I was inspired last year by a presentation given last year at our 2nd Annual Conference by Linda about how she uses TMG to keep track of a whole parish, including the churches and other buildings within it.

Last month I gave a presentation to the group meeting at the Society of Australian Genealogists about my experiments in this area. These are the PowerPoint slides from the presentation. I’m sorry they are later than I was hoping, I couldn’t figure out how to put them on a non-self hosted blog, but now I think I’ve done it. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

To download the Powerpoint presentation click on Non-person People

To view the Powerpoint presentation on Slideshare click on Non person people in TMG

View more presentations from caroleriley.